2018-01-21 Scrabbler Of the Year WIC 18
2018-02-10 Premier Players Tournament WIC 20
2018-02-17 Intermediate scrabble coaching workshop WIC 0
2018-03-18 Scrabbler Of the Year WIC 20
2018-05-05 Premier Players Tournament WIC 20
2018-05-12 Advanced scrabble coaching workshop WIC 0
2018-05-19 Interschool Scrabble Championship to be notified 5
2018-06-03 Scrabbler Of the Year WIC 18
2018-06-23 Intermediate scrabble coaching workshop WIC 0
2018-06-30 All Island Age Group Scrabble Championship Lyceum International School, Wattala 7
2018-07-07 Premier Players Tournament WIC 20
2018-08-05 National Scrabble Championship To be notified 17
2018-09-09 Scrabbler Of the Year WIC 18
2018-10-06 Premier Players Tournament WIC 20
2018-10-13 School Scrabbler Of the Year To be notified 6
to be notified Beginners scrabble coaching workshop WIC 0

The Sri Lanka Scrabble League organizes a number of tournaments especially for its members each year. These tournaments are played throughout the year with the

intention of identifying the most consistent, word worthy Scrabble players of the SLSL. Listed below are some of the key tournaments:-

Scrabbler of the Year

This tournament Usually consists of 4-5 legs and identifies the best Scrabbler based on the cumulative results of all the legs. Each leg comprises 18 games, which are generally played on two consecutive Sundays. Any fully paid up member average game score is above 300 points can pay a nominal sum of Rs. 200/- and enter the tournament.

Premier Players’ Tournament

Some of the top rated SLSL players contend to gain or retain supremacy in what can be considered the most fiercely competitive SLSL tournament. It comprises 20 games but is played over an entire weekend. Those eligible to play this tournament are the Top 8 rated players who are active players . They can enter the tournament paying a sum of Rs. 500/-.

Masters’ Tournament

– This is a knock-out tournament that is played throughout the four quarters of the year where the first round consists of 08 ‘would be masters’ battling it out over 07 games. Four winners emerge from the first to the second round where another 07 games are played to decide on the two finalists who eventually emerge Champion and Runner Up.

All Island Age Group Scrabble Championship

This is an annual tournament that is conducted separately for those Under 13 and Under 18 years of age. It is an open tournament, hence even those who are not members of SLSL are welcome to participate. The tournament consists of 6-8 games depending on the Category.

National Scrabble Championship

Regardless of age, strata or competency this tournament is open to all Scrabble lovers and is conducted over 2 consecutive days and consists of 18 games.

Word Power

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Other tournaments

There are numerous tournaments across the Island that are organized by various schools/ universities and other institutions which do not fall under the purview of SLSL. Further, SLSL selects the Sri Lankan representatives for the World Youth Scrabble Championship and the Scrabble Champions Tournament based on the performances at the local tournaments. The WYSC and SCT are the flagship international tournaments which are held annually and are organized by the international governing body of Scrabble; World English Language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA).