WYSC winning team Sri Lanka wins the best team title, Under 16 title plus four other prizes the World Youth Scrabble Championship 2016


2017-01-08 Premier Players Tournament Leg 1
2017-01-22 Scrabble Of the Year leg 1
2017-01-28 Scrabble Coaching Workshop
2017-02-18 Premier Players Tournament Leg 2
2017-03-19 Scrabble Of the Year leg 2
2017-05-20 Premier Players Tournament Leg 3
2017-06-11 Scrabble Of the Year leg 3
2017-07-01 All Island Age Group Scrabble Championship



Scrabble Workshop on January 28th

Janul de Silva wins the first tournament of the year. PPT leg 1

Thavalkshman Yoganathan wins 2nd place at WYSC 2016

Aabid Ismail wins 3rd place at WYSC 2016

Sri Lanka wins best team title at WYSC 2016

Indunil Amarasinghe wins the National Scrabble Championship

Janul de Silva wins Under 18 title at the AISC

Nimuthu Witharana Wins the Under 13 title at the AISC