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If verbal jousting on a colourful board sounds like what you are yearning for, Scrabble is definitely the remedy for you. Come join us every Sunday at the Women’s International Club, Colombo 7 from 1-6 pm where a group of rambling hearts gathers to engage in this well loved, mind challenging word game. Fill in the Online Membership Form and be a part of this community.

When you join us;

You will receive the monthly Newsletter and be updated on the latest in Scrabble from the local front as well as across the globe You will find yourself in the company of similar word – loving hearts Provides a platform for you to display your prowess at the game Find yourself challenged by prominent Scrabble players in the country at frequent tournaments organized by the SLSL.

The fee structure is as follows:

  • a. Life Members: Rs. 25,000/-
  • b. Ordinary Members: Rs. 250/- per month
  • c. Enrolment Fees (for both categories): Rs. 500/-